Our Facilities

Our Approach


The teaching and learning process is more effective and efficient when the instructor and the student have a strong relationship and the teacher is aware of the fundamentals of education.
Education and learning are more than just the grades on the report card or the attendance statistics. Much more than that is involved. It transcends the course materials and syllabus.


Even in digital world, there is no substitute for books. They are the source of knowledge and are most important aspect of education.
Our school offers a well maintained library, where students and staff have access to variety of resources providing wisdom and knowledge.

Science Laboratory

Science experiments are vital for kids. They are useful in understanding the theories and concepts of science that cannot be studied alone only by textbooks.
For better experiments Our school offer a variety of equipments { Burettes, Tongs, Tweezers, Forceps, Test tubes, Conical flasks, Microscopes, Specimens, Slides, Chemicals etc.} to understand the writing of science books in a better way .

Computer Lab

Due to an increased use of modern technology, computers play a major role in schools.
A well-equipped computer lab with all essential accessories has been constructed at our school. Here, the students are taught by knowledgeable staff to prepare them for the technological sophistication seen in today's digital world.

Playground for Games and Co-Curricular Activities.

Engaging in outdoor play provides kids with proper exercise that is good for their physical, emotional, and intellectual development.
Our school has well-maintained playground for kids to learn diverse skills by trying out different playground equipments. The skills they develop while at the playground will ultimately play a critical role in adult competencies, such as working in a team, successfully taking on leadership roles, and making sound decisions in critical moments.

Medical Facility

Our School provides health care facility to the students by providing First-Aid and other basic facilities. Doctors are available on call whenever the need arises.