About Us

AIMS International School

AIMS International School Soibugh, Kashmir.
We encourage our kids to embrace learning, push them to try new, exciting things, and provide them with a strong foundation on which to build.
Our goal is to create well-rounded, self-assured, and dependable people who strive to realise their full potential. In order to do this, we provide a warm, joyful, secure, and encouraging learning atmosphere where everyone is treated equally and all accomplishments are recognised.
We endeavour to provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum and high-quality learning experiences for the students at our school.

Message from Chairman

Boys and girls can receive an up-to-date, dynamic education at AIMS. We encourage all of our students to have high expectations. Our school encourages students to work hard in the classroom and uphold moral principles. Our daily efforts are directed toward assisting students in thriving in their own special way.

Message from Principal

The fundamental reminders of life are choices, chances, and changes. To make an impactful change in our lives, we must make a decision and take a risk. AIMS International School offers a platform where students can decide what to do and take risks for their future benefit. We make sure that all of our students are successful in acquiring the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for them to achieve great success wherever.
"Do what is Right not what is Easy".

Reason for choosing our

Highly qualified Faculty

A proficient teaching staff promotes student learning by making knowledge accessible to the students. Such staffs remain committed to their student’s learning and understand the differences in their student’s learning styles, skills, interests, and abilities, which allow them to improve the learning environment to promote student learning.

Quality Education

Doing the right things the right way is what is meant by quality, and quality education results in good student education. Our school offers a high-quality education since it is crucial to students' education and the future of the nation.

Student Creativity

Encouraging kids to embrace their originality and actively participate in their learning; By offering a wide range of engaging learning opportunities, teachers help students develop the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary to reach their full potential as individuals.
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